Show Notes

Wow this is pretty good

Chris’ varied experiences of this film over time. Color grading and the Black & Chrome edition.


Roads are awesome. The US highway system is awesome. Eisenhower’s road trip. Road trips are awesome, too.


Lack of roads in the outback. Accidental un-deserting. The Namib desert. The Namib dessert is 55 million years old!

The Great Salt

The oceans? No way. Red salt planet in The Last Jedi. Evaporating the oceans.

Blood bags

War Boys stealing blood from “healthy” donors. Lack of red blood cell production from blood cancer and the need for transfusion in the late stage. Blood loss limits. Adrenaline transfer.


Science vampires! Callbacks to Daybreakers. Combining mice. Kidnapping Wim Hof for his blood.


Malnutrition, radiation poisoning, the oral bacteriome. Dental hygiece pre- vs post-agrciulture. Beneficial dental plaques. The evolution of the human lower jaw.


Berserker mushroom mode. Signalling. Low framerate editing effects.

Wtf cars

Car stuff with DJ Moffett! Superchargers, turbochargers, maintenance and machining.


Guitar dude with his hundred-amp truck. Energy consumption of flameguy vs a literal drummer boy. Mobile FM transmitting stations. A bard that can melt your face.


  • blood, 
  • cars, 
  • deserts, 
  • parabiosis, 
  • roads, 
  • salt flats, 
  • science, 
  • science fiction