Show Notes

Wesley Snipes, irl criminal, fights Sylvester Stallone in the future while wearing hammer pants and gaudy earrings. Future sci-fi hijinx ensue.

Criminal Rehabilitation

Rehab or punishment? Synaptic suggestion for true rehabilitation? The time needed for the rehab process in the film. Cryogenic freezing. Stallone says he was awake, probably wasn’t. Better than prison. What if evil dictators had this technology?

Implantable Skills

Huge benefits. Whoah, I know kung fu. Free will. No need for college, just plug in. But who will be the lower class?


Unreasonable to have a pacifistic society in a world with self-interested human actors? Silliness. Stagnation of martial skills.

Thought Policing

Anything not good for you is bad, hence illegal. Fluid transfer illegal. Can humanity move beyond sex? Maybe after the singularity. Should we even call it humanity at that point?

Future Tech

Communications technology prescience. Video calls on tablets. Self driving cars. Stallone is a curmudgeonly caveman. Cryogenics. Sewer maintenance. No internet? The three sea shells mystery, solved.

  • censorship, 
  • crime, 
  • cryogenics, 
  • culture shock, 
  • cyberpunk, 
  • dystopia, 
  • dystopia, 
  • future, 
  • police, 
  • psychopath, 
  • science fiction, 
  • utopia, 
  • violence