Show Notes

Classical vampires…?

And is this a horror movie? Better than the sparkly Twilight ones.

Blood-squirting lizards

Just because that’s awesome

Blood substitutes

Substitutes for what part or what function of blood? Making a blood sword on our Conan episode. What blood is made of. What blood does for us biologically.

It’s got plasmatic electrolytes

It’s what bodies crave

Blood transfusion

Blood types and our developing understanding during the 17th and 19th centuries. Carlos Lammerstammer’s initial work distinguishing the blood types. Pre-modern medicine and the throw-everything-at-the-wall-and-see-who-dies method of medical research, e.g. injecting milk or ale or whiskey into the blood to see what happens.

Vampire blood flow

We’re told and see demonstrated that the vampires have no heartbeat, BUT - the other things we observe suggest that they do have blood flow, somehow. Intravenous vampire blood. Vampire blood extraction. Vampire peristalsis.

Medical vampirism

“In case of human frailty, break glass.” With a “cure” for vampirism available, the ensuring rise of using vampirism as a cure for deadly ailments. But you only get to use it once, so make it count! Connections between vampire lore and the possibility of parabiosis.

Downsides to vampirism

Blood isn’t really usually considered delicious. Ethical concerns with surviving on human blood UNTIL the “blood substitute” is developed.


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