Show Notes

Movies with strict limitations in cast and location

Love these! Moon is a good one, seriously only one human actor present. Other pleasing examples include Buried with Ryan Reynolds, The Man From Earth, 12 Angry Men is the greatest.


Humans need other humans. Our own introversion. Solitary confinement is torture. Having the light at the end of the tunnel.


Love the robot design. Practical to the extreme. He has a cupholder! The name means nothing. LOVE the smiley interface. Hal 9000 references.

Space Business

Multinational mega corporation with government ties. Bottom line is all that matters. The economics of evil and helium-3 mining. Exploitative labor practices. Helium 3 science.

[spoiler title=’Spoiler Notes’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’] Cloning

How would you feel to be a clone? To be an original who is cloned? A clone of you, even in adult form with implanted memories, is not “you” anymore once the copy is made. Could you work together with your clone?[/spoiler]


  • science fiction, 
  • isolation, 
  • robots, 
  • user interface design, 
  • space, 
  • space mining, 
  • helium-3, 
  • fusion