Show Notes

Space combat

Naval analogies and a callback to a similar discussion in our Valerian episode. Magnetic (fused) torpedoes!

(FTL) Ramming speed!

Ramming vs telefragging. Kamikaze fleets, or attaching telefrag Warp Drives to asteroids and the like. Energy levels with ramming operations at lightspeed. Ruining Star Wars combat by introducing telfragging.

Explosions in space

Explosions in space shouldn’t make noise, because there isn’t (noise). Not across the near-vacuum, at least. Production of light and shrapnel. Starbursts!

Explosive decompression

Teleporting Colbert to his doom. For science! Multimodal attacks. Explosive decompression. Sausage people and asphyxiation. Freezing in space and how thew force disables all bets. Sausage people and elasticity of human tissues. Consciousness vs useful consciousness.

Skimmer ships

Hydrofoils cum “alasofoils.” Flight engineering and “dragging sticks.”

Hydrofoil boat
hydrofoil boat U.S. Navy CC-0

Salt planet

“Salthoth.” “Hey, it’s salt.”  How salt flats form on earth. Salt rising and drying from seasonal flooding. Salt-friendly bacteria and weird oxidation.

Green milk

Yum! Domesticating mammals for their milk. Mailing baboons. Milk’s macronutrient ratios and the micronutrients that color it with the bulk removed e.g. for cheese). How it’s kinda green irl too. Domesticating the aurochs and testing the nipples.


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