Show Notes

The Script Started Out Much Different

What began as a science fiction version of an Agatha Christie mystery grew into a Will Smith blockbuster. And then the studio acquired the rights to Asimov.

The Three Laws

  • Law Zero: Robots must not harm humanity.

  • Law One: Robots cannot harm a human.

  • Law Two: Robots must obey humans unless it conflicts with 1

  • Law Three: Rzobots must avoid harm to themselves except where it conflicts with 2 or 3

Reasoning Around the Three Laws

Wouldn’t want any rogue states or terrorist groups getting their hands on a VIKI. VIKI reasons her way around the laws.

Tests For Intelligence

Art? Emotions? People always moving the goalposts. Domain-specific masteries.

Robot Workers

Taking our jerbs. Amazing Amazon warehouse robots. Teachers. Service industry. Creative work the most protected, for now. How to handle the fallout from the robot worker class? Guaranteed minimum income experiment in Holland.


  • asimov, 
  • consciousness, 
  • future, 
  • google, 
  • intelligence testing, 
  • man versus machine, 
  • robot, 
  • science fiction, 
  • the future of work, 
  • the three laws of robotics