About Decipher Media

Decipher Media is a listener-supported producer of fun and informative indie podcasts about science, history, and general geekery.

We are Christopher Peterson and Lee Colbert, and with the help of a bunch of our friends (some of whom you may recognize!) we use popular media to connect ideas and learn something surprising with you every week.

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Free and Open

This whole site and its code are free/open source (except where otherwise specified). So you can learn from it, reuse it, or even make changes to it yourself.

Our shows (which are distributed via the open RSS standard) are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial International 4.0, so you can use our media in your own productions or even redistribute it noncommercially. You just need to always credit us and link back to our website, and we ask that a competing RSS feed is not published in a way that would compete with out own. 🙂

The media and tools produced by others that we in turn use to make this site and our shows, you’ll find listed on our attribution page.

And we value freedom on the internet (yours in particular!), so we don’t do any invasive tracking on our website. <3