Show Notes

The Cloverfield Formula

Cloverfield -> 10 Cloverfield Lane -> The Cloverfield Paradox -> Overlord

  1. Find a script
  2. Add monsters
  3. profit

Artifical gravity. With a twist!

Like, literally a twist. Balancing huge gyroscopes on a central stem. Spinning buckets. Bucket size

Combating bone and muscle atrophy with the ARED.

How the ARED works. The danger of jackedstronauts coming back from space to take over the planet.

Particle colliders

Anatoli Burgorski took a proton bream to the back of the face. It went surprisingly well for him! Phineas Gage of the nuclear age. Linear vs circular particle accelerators. The Cloverfield Paradox.

3D printing

Impressively unimpressive food printing. Printing plastic handguns and metal lower receivers. Maybe don’t use a gun on a space station though that’s pretty dangerous.


Chris’ immense latissimus dorsi. Avoiding affecting sensitive space mechanisms by avoiding spewing mass into space around your station/telescope.

Losing earth/losing a space station

Geocentric vs heliocentric orbits. How to tell if Earth is gone/how to tell if your space station is gone.


  • The Cloverfield Paradox: iTunes | Amazon
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane: iTunes | Amazon
  • Burning Astronaut Pee - Smarter Every Day 149: YouTube
  • Space Telescopes Maneuver like CATS - Smarter Every Day 59: YouTube
  • 3d printing, 
  • artificial gravity, 
  • freezing, 
  • gyroscopes, 
  • monsters, 
  • particle colliders, 
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