Show Notes

Pre-historic Egypt

The notability of the introduction of a massive metal space-portal 10,000 years ago, when Egyptian were still just barely getting down with agriculture.

Egypt and the pyramids

When was the Bronze age anyway? Pyramid time scales. Familial pyramid-building competitions. The progression from small-scale burial mounds to “great” pyramids. Egypt vs meso-American pyramid research. Seasonal construction recruitment.

Stone and copper tooling for stonework

Stone tools. Copper tools. Early Brone tools. Limestone vs granite. Arsenical copper advantages.

Pyramid-building alien hypotheses

“Chariots of the Gods” and the origin of alien pyramid conspiracies. Judging fringe theorists.

Ancient Egyptian language and writing

The origin of the writing systems of ancient Egypt. Accounting.

Daniel Jackson

Inspiring budding Egyptologists and getting suddenly swole.


Stargate discovery. Deep time and the chances of happening upon ready-made technology after an extinction. Permeable wormhole membranes. Stargates vs black holes. EM transmission and accretion disks. Molecular deconstruction.

Probe robots

Bomb disposal space bot. Colonization.


Stargates and our knowledge at the time.


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  • exoplanets, 
  • history, 
  • language, 
  • linguistics, 
  • mummification, 
  • pyramids, 
  • robots, 
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