Show Notes

Love and hate

A story of love for Prometheus with recognition of its faults. Surprisingly high tomato ratings. So much stuff to think about?

Seeding Earth

Natural selection, evolution, and engineers seeding life on Earth. This would require seeding all life on earth, to explain our shared genetic heritage with everything else that lives here.

Objective-based evolution

In this movie, I guess Lamarck Was Right. Continued Egineer presence over the course of the history of life on earth, guiding things toward their goals in order to make us like them.

The Engineers

Yoked as hell. Albinos with allopecia.

Cave Paintings

List of cultures visited. Radiocarbon dating (carbon-14). Uranium dating. Informational density.

Star Maps

Constellations and hemispheres and directions to solar systems.

Alien System

FTL. Moons and ringed planets. How not to safely approach and explore a new planet/moon. “Eh, seems fine” as a modus operandi for your space exploration mission.

Alien Pregnancy

Parasites. Superparasites, Tearing the umbilical cord. Placenta.


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