Show Notes

A bit of review

Because we really enjoyed this movie.

The team

A human, a green humanoid, an enhanced raccoon, Drax, and a hypermobile hyperintelligent tree.

Rocket Raccoon

Cybernetic skeletons. Animal intelligence. Cognitive enhancement and different types of intelligence.


Kinda like a grey hulk. Putting our lack of comics expertise on display.


How plants work. Nitrogen from the air making 50% of tree biomass. Plant regeneration and communication.

Language considerations! Yay!

Possible layers of complexity under “I am Groot.” The different ways that could or could not represent language. The complexity of metaphors and similar linguistic mechanisms, and how Drax’s people could lack understanding. Thermians. Tamarians.

Old Terran technology

Chris Pratt’s cassette tapes. Batteries. Audio cassette technology. Wearing oxides and tape-stretching.


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