Show Notes

Miyazaki recognition

This is Miles’ favorite. Chris doesn’t generally love Miyazaki but really really loves Totoro.

Environmentalism in Media

Processing human-caused catastrophe. We previously explored this in our Godzilla episode with Miles. Miyazaki was inspired by Minamata disease.


irl Nausicaa glider!


The ways in which humanity is worse than poison. Thriving of wildlife in our absence. Predators.

What is nature

Colloquial definitions versus recognition that we are part of nature and not really separate from it.

Technology Anxiety

Nuclear power safety and the negative effects of fossil fuels. Recognizing the relative safeness and harm. Being responsible with our technology.


Of knowledge and technology over epochal time. Infrastructure and production. The scientific method as essential technology.


  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: Amazon
  • Espers - From Nothing, Something Comes by Miles Greb: Kickstarter
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