Show Notes

Amazon Pilot Model

Amazon’s practice of putting out a pile of different pilots and letting the cream rise via actual user data.

London 2032

Environmental collapse. Precipitous economic drop, at least locally. Population collapse maybe?

Space is big

The Oasis settlement is on “the edge of the galaxy.” That’s really far! Nearest edge to Earth still thousands of lightyears. So, magic FTL. Stasis and muscle-wasting. FTL comms may be couriered by the ships.

Preacher man

The role of a man of God on a space station where resources are scarce and engineers are in high demand.

The Oasis Settlement

Not as advertised! We’re still in the early stages of building Elysium here; it’s still being settled. Gravity and weather systems and water. Tectonic activity and proximity to other bodies. Breathable atmospheres and how they get there.

One-way trips

Expense and complexity of designing for return trips in space travel. The nature of the magic FTL seems to still need normal rocket launches to get up there. Processing passenger vessels for materials.


Hydroponics. Aeroponics. Lower energy and water requirements, fine control of variables. Haley Joel is our Mark Watney botanist.

Haley Joel Osment poop potatoes meme

Space Dementia

Ala Armageddon? Mundane explanations, Occam’s Razor, and magnets. Or supernatural. We’ll see!

Magnets. How do they work?

Please see the Veritasium and Minute Physics videos above. This has little (nothing) to do with Oasis, really, but it’s a cool thing we wanted to share. :)


What could be going on on this world and what we expect to actually happen. Solaris!


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