Show Notes

The Film’s Marketing

Really cool Youtube channel. Neil deGrasse Tyson. Spoiler policies.

The Book

Serially published on Andy Weir’s blog. Accidental best-seller.

Nailed the Science

Research. Space travel is dangerous. Radiation shielding.

IRL Travel to Mars

Mars One. Space X. ELON MUSK. Settlement.

Water on Mars

Liquid salinated water. Frozen water under surface. NASA sterilization.

Worth it?

Robots? Human inspiration.

Settling/Colonizing Mars

Growing or shipping food.

Resourcefulness of Astronauts

Pretty much have to be MacGyver. Overcoming functional fixedness.


  • science fiction, 
  • mars, 
  • space settlement, 
  • nasa, 
  • space ship, 
  • survival, 
  • space x, 
  • elon musk, 
  • water on mars, 
  • robots