Show Notes

The Man From Earth

Our love for the original. Considering the sequel. People talking in a room.


The coming-on of the bronze age. Grocking the rate of progress w/ Dominick Perry. “Free time” in hunter-gatherer societies. Nostalgia as a way to bridge from what was old and comfortable to what is new and scary.


Anatomically modern humans vs socially modern humans. The evolutionary advantage of controlled fire and beginning to cook food. Getting away from all-day mastication and looooooooong intestines in favor of the big brain on Brad.

Primitive Technology

Getting boy without modern technology. The earliest evidence for humans cooking with fire. Differentiating human-controlled fire from millennia ago from other sources (like iguanas, or wildfires).

Growing old

Life expectancies over time. Appreciation for antibiotics. Life expectancy vs life_span_. Evolving into a centauranarian.


Less-than-generous portrayals of religious characters. Third-act surprises. Jesus vs the antichrist.




  • The Man From Earth Holocene: iTunes | Amazon
  • Primitive Technology: YouTube
  • The Man From Earth: biological immortality, and what is a micromort w/ Adrian Falcone: Decipher SciFi
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