Show Notes

Space travel and orienteering

Space maps. Star brightnesses and reference points. The ESA Gaia Project. Landing in glaciers. Glacier life cycles. Fjords! Callback to Seveneves.

Space imaging

Dude, we have video from a comet! How various inputs are composited into attractive imagery. Public data and the opportunities for citizen science and science communication. Spectroscopy and impactor makeup-detection. Detecting invisible glass clouds by how they scatter light. Red shift and blue shift.


Superfeeezing, supersaturation, etc. Booby-trapped microwaved water. Nucleation points. Slushy bear. Day/night cycles and weather around extreme freezing/thawing.

The “crew”

Dad’s triage skills. Recognizing magnesium. Is it bigger than a breadbox?


General Grievous gets the thigh ground. Fueling your nether regions with gasoline. Power-saving mode in the murder module.

“Fire seeds”

Giant redwood reproduction strategies. Living through wildfires. “Cleverness” in the unguided process of natural selection.


  • Lost in Space: Netflix | Amazon
  • "Video" from the comet 67p: Twitter
  • Lost in Space (1998 film): gifted children, future vlogging, and colonizing space: Decipher SciFi
  • Which Are The Real Pictures of Space? What’s a Photo and What’s An Illustration? by Fraser Cain: YouTube
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