Show Notes

Gaia Hypothesis

The idea that the biosphere self-regulates to support life. Does it hold up?

Civilization Reboot

Sim cards. Better ways to select the humans that will survive. Minimum populations.

Oddjob with swordlegs

Sword legs! Cleaving humans not just through but vertically.

Prosthetic feet/legs

Butts! And their utility for distance running. Hugh Herr and awesome climbing feet.

Augmented Reality

Versus virtual reality. Physical positioning and orientation fudging in virtual and augmented reality shared spaces. Rainbows End. HoloLens.

Church Scene

It’s so good! Also: long shots, real or otherwise.

The Culling

SIM card splodeyheads. Transcranial direct current stimulation. To cull, or not to cull.


  • augmented reality, 
  • gaia, 
  • prosthetic limbs, 
  • science, 
  • science fiction