Show Notes

Arrival/First Contact

Aircraft shielding. Impressing upon humanity the futility of resistance.

Selecting Diplomats

Alien diplomatic moneyball.

They Know Us

Flawless colloquial earth languages. Cultural context. How to manipulate apes. Benevolent alien dictatorship.

Curbing Scientific Inquiry

Approaching utopia removing incentives for innovation. Alien limits on research. “The stars were not meant for man.”

The Great Filter

Maybe these aliens in the show are the great filter. Filling in some slots of the Drake Equation. Maybe we’re just terrible for the universe and they know it. :/

Butt Numbers

Directed evolution at a scale of tens to thousands of years.

Alien Appearance

This part is too spoilery for this page

Remember Us

Not too much to ask, really. We could have had a worse run.


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  • drake equation, 
  • fermi paradox, 
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