Show Notes

Millhouse isolation

Enabled introversion. Social anxiety and human avoidance: online ordering abd contactless food delivery.


Hoping for normalization of mask-wearing to confine your illness ot yourself. The popularization of medical masks for the lay population in China around the “Manchurian plague.” Masks failing to combat person-recognition (or probably even facial recognition 😥).

Viking grooming

That one time we did a viking episode with The other Lee. Our best historical understanding of Viking grooming standards, and how that very much differs from out contemporary depictions. BUT! The contemporary depictions are really fun so it’s ok. 👌


The problem-solvingest birds. Ravens and other corvids and their respective quality as tattoo-subject candidates. Planning ravens on the chest/shoulders. Maybe a jackdaw sleeve?


For real, fuck those guys. Cultural appropriation.

Butt stuff

Welcome to the Decipher Media colorectal new update. Christopher’s incoming bidet. Fiber supplmentation and chasing the ghost poop dragon. Young men living on Mountain Dew and waffles.

Demodex never poop and then explode with poop and die


Testosterone levels over time. Testosterone replacement therapy. Dancing - fun for the whole family! Strength nostalgia.

VR Gaming

Again with the motion sickness.

Our website

The site is now open source! Go take a look if you’re into Jekyll or Ruby or Gitlab or generally just podcasting the hard way.

Art restoration

The unqalified Spanish art resotrers are at it again! And don’t forget the OG: [Monkey Jesus](,_Borja%29). Hanlon’s razor.


As per our Colossus Roundtable: watch Person of Interest!


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