Show Notes

Settling nearby space

Mars vs the moon. Inconvenient solar exposure schedules breeding technological food solutions. Substitute engineered fungi for photosynthetic plants as a food source.


Vs “show don’t tell.” Australian flags and separation from the United Kingdom.

Space ships

Lived-in ships and how they were exemplified in Alien or Star Wars. The “traditional” design of the Lewis & Clark, basically maintaining the naval analogy in space travel. BUT! The Event Horizon is much different.

The Event Horizon

How the Event Horizon is the opposite of Joseph Campbell’s “belly of the whale.” Radula hallways and OSHA. Gothic architecture and religious imagery in interior and exterior design.


The Event Horizon and its gravity drive something-or-other. Spacetime-folding visual analogies. Using contained black holes to create wormholes. The Monty Hall problem, but with Hell instead of a prize.

The Solaris Effect

Completely foreign consciousnesses probing for something to communicate. Accidentally poking at raw human neuroses like a toothache. Other forms of consciousness, where consciousness is a form of information processing.


Is this Hell a place? Or a manifestation of our neuroses? Or a greater consciousness just rolling over on us by accident?


Cosmicism. Humans facing life from deep time. Human-scale irrelevance.


  • black holes, 
  • deep time, 
  • horror, 
  • lovecraft, 
  • lovecraftian horror, 
  • science, 
  • science fiction, 
  • space, 
  • space settlement