Show Notes

Decipher SciFi co-hosts as Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow

Names and Names and Names

The light novel (All You Need is Kill) -> the movie (Edge of Tomorrow) -> the marketing (Live. Die. Repeat.)

Tom Cruise in a Video Game

Save points. Back in my day. Old-school save system where you have to go back to the beginning every time.

Biological Von Neumann Probes

The possibility of the cosmos awash in aggressive noodly alien murder machines. What are the odds they’d wind up at our doorstep?

Mimic Morphology

Spaghetti Monster tumbleweeds! Bioluminescence. Alienness. Hybrid creatures. Hierarchy.


Zerg rush! Starcraft was almost Warhammer.


Reminds us of Elysium! Exosuit interfaces. Neural interface versus gestural. Safety mechanisms.

Time Loop Superpowers

What are thresholds of alpha blood exposure to contract timeloopism? Best method: bathing? in the butt? in the mouth? All of the above? Will the effect ever “run out?” Blood-bathing, Sookie Stackhouse style.

Time Loops!

Control of time loops. Like a garage door opener? TV remote? Is it time travel? Many-worlds interpretation. Branching timelines! Terminator meatballs.

Who Wants to Live Forever, Sorta?

Chris does. Whatever it takes!


  • aliens, 
  • exoskeletons, 
  • groundhog day, 
  • immortality, 
  • insects, 
  • mechs, 
  • power armor, 
  • science, 
  • science fiction, 
  • time loops, 
  • time travel, 
  • video games, 
  • von neumann probes