Show Notes

Geographical Context

Traveling from ancient Egypt to Mespopotamia. Hiding evil things as far away as possible.

Deciphering the Mummy’s historical period

Context clues pointing to Egypt’s “New Kingdom,” circa 1500BC-1200BC. Some touches that hinted: Ahmanet’s Nefertiti-inspired crown, her blue finger-paint as direct reference to King Tutankhamun’s golden finger- and toe-jewelry.

Speaking of King Tut…

His (lack of) actual historical importance. Public knowledge due to the simple coincidence of which things are best preserved and then discovered.


From ancient Rome to Victorian England to King Tut in the mid-20th. It keeps coming back! The combination of modernity and exoticism of Ancient Egypt.

The Rosetta Stone

Napoleon’s groundbreaking work in enabling the study of science and history while conquering things. The birth of Egyptology.

Egyptian book of the dead

Hollywood’s chronic misunderstanding of the nature of The Book of the Dead. It’s not evil! Egyptian beliefs re death and the afterlife.

Misunderstanding the ancient Egyptian gods

Chaotic neutral Seth and how he is totally not the god of death. Preservation of order against chaos in Egyptian mythology. Enumerating the actual gods of death and how they’re not necessarily bad guys. The problem with mummies.


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