Show Notes

Crew Selection

Human pairing in space crews. Sex selection for different purposes, and in particular settlement. The Voices from L5 episode on Gender in Space. If humans still need to gestate the old-fashioned way, you’re gonna need a lot of human wombs.


The numbers game of space settlement. The possibility of gestating the next human generation on the target planet from frozen embryo: i.e. population bomb.


Weakly interacting. How to detect a “neutrino burst” in space and not be vaporized by a supernova. Tools to grant perspective on the topic.  Neutrino detectors large and small. “World’s Smallest neutrino detector.

Japanese neutrino detector model
A model of the Japanese neutrino detector 日:Jnn

Swole Jesus

More details from Ridley Scott about the connection between Jesus and the engineers. The suggestion made in Prometheus made more explicit. Swole Korean Jesus. Swole white Jesus.

Alien Evolution

Parasitoid developments. Design vs natural selection. Indiscriminate resource consumption.

How to break out of a chest

These guys made some assumptions and ran with them. Mouth-mouth saw-saws and their use in chestbursting.


  • Alien Covenant: iTunes | Amazon
  • What is a Neutrino? by Minute Physics: YouTube
  • Quantum SHAPE-SHIFTING: Neutrino Oscillations by Minute Physics: YouTube
  • Alien: Covenant | Prologue: Last Supper by 20th Century FOX: YouTube
  • Alien: Covenant | Prologue: The Crossing | 20th Century FOX: YouTube
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