Show Notes

Mayan calendar

They had one! And so do we. They both end on some sort of the cycle and the world never ends because of our arbitrary selection of scope. Fraser is really tired of having to argue about this sort of thing with death-cultists. The end.

Galactic alignments

Neutrino detection.

Heating Earth

Earth’s layers. Discovering new and different regions of the earth’s internal structure via seismography. Rate of temperature increase. Effect on oceans. Heat retention and radioactivity.

Ark ships

Space settlement and Christopher’s disappointment. Seveneves as the gold standard for how to relocate humanity to space in an emergency.

Perpetuation of specieseses and culture

Should we keep giraffes? Cows? Any larger fauna? Recognition of the complexity and energy-inefficiencies of the food chain. Surviving on crickets and phytoplankton.


Yellowstone is no joke! Yellowstone supervolcano (more volcano conversation in our Volcano episode). Pyroclastic flow rates. Lake Toba (is larger).


The earth’s internal metal. Pole-flipping!


Propagation of energy via wave through fluid and how it probably shouldn’t roll the ship. Asteroid impacts, landslides, and misplaced fossils.

Anti-apocalypse rant

Fraser’s got some stuff to say on this matter, tell-you-what.


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