Show Notes

Biological Immortality

Telomeres. Telomerease. Garbage collection. Avoiding cancer. The Immortalists.

Biopharmaceutical DRM

Bitcoin. Digital wealth transfer. Terminator genes. Bio-pharma IP law.

Economics and Time Inflation

Wealth and life evaporate with each passing second. This is on top of inflation used on purpose to thin the herd. Time in the film must be only artificially finite.

Stratified Society

Geographic and economic lockdown. Banlieue 13. [youtube]Md30EDh60Us[/youtube]


Skin displays. Biological immortality. Payphones. Electric classic cars.

Time Security

Cillian Murphy is lawful good. Minute men. Bad system design: could use personal transfer limits. Arm wrestling.

Immortality getting boring

Hoarding of wealth. Artificial scarcity.


  • science fiction, 
  • time, 
  • economics, 
  • future, 
  • dystopia, 
  • immortality, 
  • cryptocurrency