Show Notes


Not the sweet and sour delicious dessert, but the computing devices. Kodi, Smart Mirrors, retro arcade machines, and low-power cheap servers in the closet. Apple moving to ARM. The next generation of game consoles. SSDs.


Chapter-markers. Auto-generated subtitles and “free” transcription.


The sad story of The Memeseeks Box. Learning how to frame what may be your “failures.”

The original Memeseeks Box logo art
The original Memeseeks Box logo art Nicholas Lowe, used with permission

Robot vacuums

Both a cleaning tool and a defense against madness in the presence of eldritch horrors. “Because they’re made of metal, and robots are strong.” Using the Roomba as a parenting tool. Deebot Ozmo.

Plastic Rain

It’s everywhere. Referring to our Wall-E episode with heaping portions of appreciation and concern for plastics.

Big tech

Withholding the sale of facial recognition tech from police. Bezos the nigh-trillionaire being able to afford his own ISS.

“Cartoon Room House” used in episode image background, by mixrobastudio/pixabay/CC-0


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