Launching today: The Memeseeks Box!

Memeseeks Christopher and Colbert, illustrated by Nick Lowe, used with permission all other rights reserved

UPDATE: Three days after we launched this, the people from Frinkiac launched theirs and immediately got all of the attention and traffic. There was really no point for us after that, so this no longer exists. 😢

The original post follows:

Just in time for the new season of Rick & Morty (as well as our own episode on the matter), we just released this thing we’ve been working on:

The Memeseeks Box

It’s a Rick & Morty memer and giffer (pronounced like the peanut butter ?). We’ve been saying we were working on a few things behind the scenes, and this was one of them. I’m glad to finally have it out there. :)

So meme away, and I hope you like it, and make sure you’re subscribed for our Rick & Morty episode in a few days!

* Christopher & Colbert Meseeks illustration by Nick Low, used with permission