Show Notes

Decipher Media Hosts in Planet of the Apes
Just a normal day in the studio

Relativity time travel

Jerky Charlton Heston. 99.999995% the speed of light. Time dilation.

The Mission

Settle? Explore? Three men and one women on a colonization mission. Charlton Heston is a bad person.

Moon on the brain

Exploding moons, broken moons, moon impacts. Callbacks: Cowboy Bebop, Seveneves, Deep Impact


Biology of speech. Cognitive speech development. Language evolution.

Animal Intelligence

Octopuses, corvids, elephants, various apes. Mostly chimps. Tool use, language. Moving the goalposts.


  • science fiction, 
  • science, 
  • evolution, 
  • primate intelligence, 
  • linguistics, 
  • language, 
  • time travel, 
  • time dilation, 
  • animal intelligence