Show Notes

Ship design

Segmented helix. Simulated/artificial gravity. Fusion reactors and constant acceleration. 0.5c after 30 years.


A red dwarf, 37 lightyears away from earth. Could the ship have made is to that point with the time and speed given? (no) This is the meat right here. Meaningless slingshots. Red Dwarves. Physics!


Generation ships vs stasis pods. Stasis as a resource-saving measure. IRL research in “stasis” and muscle-mass conservation. Acceptable levels of brain deterioration. “Minor” brain damage.

Anti-collision measures

Kinda like magic. Atomizing rocks in space at 0.5c.

Gravity and the ceasing thereof

How simulated gravity works on a giant spinning torus (or, in this case, a segmented helix). How it ceases, and the physics necessary in order to create the effect seen in the film. Swimming out of floating water.


  • science fiction, 
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  • gravity, 
  • love, 
  • space stations, 
  • artificial gravity, 
  • space settlement