Show Notes

Labyrinth production

The Dark Crystal -> Labyrinth -> Mirrormask : a spiritual trilogy. Jim Henson. Beverly Crusher’s choreography.

Dr Crusher as choreographer for Labyrinth

Fantasy Rules and Dream Worlds

Our difficulty with fantasy again, and further difficulty specific to dreamland stories. Nothing makes sense, cause and effect cannot be counted on, and essentially nothing is on the line. Yet Labyrinth is still delightful (because nostalgia!).

Relating to adolescents

Identifying with adults now more, since we are adults.


Dreaming. Animal models. Rats and humans and dreaming during non-REM sleep.

The Greek Myth of the Labyrinth

Minotaur, reverse-minotaur. Plus, a succinct and accurate retelling of the story.

Reverse minotaur: DAVE illustration

Maze-solving and cognition

Humans are okay. Rats are okay. Dogs, not so much. “Ecocentric cognitive mapping.” FMRI and navigation in virtual reality.

The bog of eternal stench

Irreparable putrescence. Not something that is on you, but something that infuses your very flesh to continue to be stinky. Or, magic.


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  • fantasy, 
  • balls, 
  • smell, 
  • adolescence, 
  • dreams