Show Notes

Will Smith

He’s the best!

Alien life

And the forms that it takes. Arthropoids. Cephalapoids. The names we give the aliens and the names they give themselves.

Aliens and stimulants


Humanity’s beverage history

And in particular how wonderfully wonderful caffeine is. Dwarf Fortress and ale supplies. Depressants vs stimulants and the shape society.

The “real” Men in Black

Frustration with being made a joke.

Human gestation and intelligence

Evolution, hip size, and cranial size. Bipedalism. Early homo adaptations and social assisted delivery.

Earth as universal backwater

Alien advocates for the ethical treatment of dumb humanity.

Memory wiping

Possible unreliable narrators. Neuralizers vs “memory sticks.” This is my roofie stick. Short term and long-term memory “wiping.”


  • aliens, 
  • earth, 
  • evolution, 
  • fermi paradox, 
  • intelligence, 
  • science, 
  • science fiction, 
  • stimulants