Show Notes

The International Space Station

Crew of six. Highly trained to do space stuff and… study aliens? Crazy crane-arms.

Is this the future?

Near-future? Referencing the challenger explosion. A survey of the evidence and the answer: basically this must be taking place now. World population: 8 billion!

Origins of alien life

Looked rather similar to life on our own planet. Common origins. Panspermia. Or is life typical in the universe, and life as we understand it is a somewhat typical example?

Time in space

In the movie Jake Gyllenhaal claims 473 days in space. That’s a lot! NASA Twin study.

This alien

Wow what a bastard this alien is. “Just trying to survive.” Pluripotency and cell specialization.  A brain made of muscles. “A giant piece of murder muscle.” A jet plane made of biceps. One cell

Kill it with fire!

Literal firewalls. Temperatures of incinerators. Could we burn it up by tossing it down into the atmosphere (hot!).

Kill it with space!

Give that alien some space. Aliens love space.

Bitches love space meme

Plan B: Screw it! Push it and they and everything into space! But is the math in the ballpark of reasonable? Escape velocities from earth’s surface vs the ISS.


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