Show Notes

Gravity and Black Holes

More Kip Thorne. Wormholes. Detecting gravitational anomalies.

Time Dilation

Einstein. Train rides. Relativity. Frames of reference. Frame dragging. Time as an expendable resource.

Crazy Planetary Adventures

Water planet is the stuff of Christopher’s nightmares.  Frozen clouds!

So Many Dimensions

Abstraction of extra dimensions into fewer. Tesseracts. Carl Sagan’s genius powers of explanation.

Time Travel Paradoxes

Predestination paradox? Self-consistent single timelines.


Multidimensional beings and the power of love. Social utility and bonding, etc.

Space Settlement

O’Niell cylinders. Another call-in from Liam Ginty of Voices From L5.


  • Interstellar: iTunes | Amazon
  • Flatland & The Fourth Dimension by Carl Sagan: YouTube
  • The Science of Interstellar w/ Kip Thorne: YouTube
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