Show Notes

Decipher Media hosts doing the Hardcore Henry thing

The movie’s history

Crowdfunding.  Timur Bekmambetov.  Biting Elbows music videos.

First-Person film and video games

Visual language of first person shooters. Our affection for the genre and this film by extension.

Filming and FX

“Adventure Mask” iterative design. Camera mounting and how bets to capture first person action. VFX difficulties with Go Pros.

Motion Sickness

Surprising study results with old and young players. Motion sickness vs simulation sickness.


A Sharlto appreciation party. Remote surrogate body control.


horse, lol.


  • Hardcore Henry: iTunes | Amazon
  • How Hardcore Henry's POV shots were made by Ian Failes: FXGuide
  • The Stampede by Biting Elbows: YouTube
  • Bad Motherfucker by Biting Elbows: YouTube
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