Show Notes

Why does everyone love this movie?

Underdogs, sticking it to the man, engaging with our sense of justice and living the American Dream! Or something.

Genetic Determinism

The world of Gattaca banks on this big-time, but in real it’s much more complicated. Nature AND nurture. People are more than the genes they start with.

Designer Babies

Current practices with in vitro and in vivo baby testing. Down syndrome.

The New Eugenics

Racism. “Positive” and “negative.” American eugenics programs. Medical choices are eugenic.

Genetic Discrimination

Loooooong list of inconveniences Ethan Hawke has to keep up with to not get caught. Financial arrangements. Colloquial speech in Andrew Niccol’s films.

  • biotechnology, 
  • disability, 
  • dna, 
  • dysgenics, 
  • dystopia, 
  • eugenics, 
  • genetics, 
  • identity, 
  • science, 
  • science fiction, 
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