Show Notes

The Novel

Philip K. Dick sort of wrote this about himself and his experiences with the Berkeley drug culture. “Everything in A Scanner Darkly I, actually saw.” This novel is probably the least scifi of Dick’s work.


Other famous examples of rotoscroping, but Linklater’s are the first to do it 100%. Interesting custom software with layering techniques. Perfect for this film with its less than firm grip on reality.

Drug Addiction

We are squares and we know roughly nothing about drugs. But it sure seems bad. Especially the drug in the movie: Substance D. LSD experiments like the following: [youtube]n4Sb8jCJUTw[/youtube] Here is the article about these experiments.

Big Brother/Corporate Conspiracy

Small conspiracies vs grand conspiracies. Big brother. Alex Jones and Linklater. Govt agencies compelling sharing by private firms. The social effects of being watched. The war on drugs.

Fractured Indentity

Scramble suits. How much can trust our own senses? Occam’s razor. Unwitting sacrifice.


  • animation, 
  • drugs, 
  • dystopia, 
  • future, 
  • identity, 
  • mental illness, 
  • philip k dick, 
  • rotoscoping, 
  • science fiction, 
  • surveillance