Show Notes

Brad Bird

50s and 60s techno optimism. The Iron Giant. The Incredibles.

World’s Fair

Stages of the worlds fair. Our tech and relationship to it.

Walt Disney

Futurism. Techno optimism. Shaping reality to fit his vision.


Disneyland. EPCOT. Disney’s vision for a designed city.

A sense of wonder

Childlike optimism. Positivity in the face of pessimism. Three wolf moon.

Future Visions

Visions of technology and the future  from different periods.

omg car is driving how can that be
omg car is driving how can that be


  • cities, 
  • disney, 
  • dreams, 
  • futurism, 
  • invention, 
  • retro futurism, 
  • science, 
  • science fiction, 
  • walt disney