Show Notes


Where did the Superman “S” as family symbol come from? Kryptonian Planetary OSHA. Retroreflective materials. Planet-‘sploding backstories. Shifting orbits. Tidal forces. Planetary superstructures.

Space baby

Intergalactic space travel. Time dilation. Launching an intergalactic spaceship from your living room.Time dilation and relative experience of time. Hyper-intellectual aliens. Space baby temper tantrums.

Space is big, but then the space between the less empty empty spaces are even… more empty. And there’s a lot of it.

-Lee Colbert

There’s only one thing that can go the speed of light and that’s… light

-Christopher Peterson

Heroes and villains by era

Zod vs Luthor. Henchman. Old-school bad guys with actual bona-fide lairs. Christopher Reeve was so perfect as Superman. Henry Caville’s magically-perfect chestbeard.

Super powers

The history of Superman’s powers of flight. Hulk jumps! Kryptonian evolution. Superman’s resistance to cancer from x-rays. Alternative vision modes, and Superman rubbing his eyes right against things for ultrasound. Kryptonite! And the Kryptonite shrimp challenge.

Evil plans

Clever villainy. Megaton yields.

Time travel

Superman already did the one real kind. Spinning the earth back and forth like a record.


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