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    The Movie is a Satire of the Book

Heinlein wrote what amounted to military propaganda. Picture Heinlein as the teacher with the missing arm.

Verhoven Dislikes Militarism and Fascism

Not a surprise for someone who grew up in Nazi-occupied Holland. He thought the book was disgusting and wouldn’t finish reading it - had someone else tell him what happened.

Society at Constant War

Propaganda. Othering. Resources all in to the military-industrial complex. Militarism. Fascism.

Insectoid Aliens and Intelligence

Hive minds. Brain straws. Pheromone communication. Intelligent bugs. Higher-oxygen atmosphere.

Future Tech

Exo-suits, insterstellar travel, shooting projectiles across the galaxy. Drones? Where are the drones?

Gender Equality

Exo-suits, from the book, would close the gap for war purposes. Co-ed showers. Norway and Israeli conscripting women.


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