Show Notes

Fawkes mask in post image Multipainkiller Studio CC-BY


Proactive prostheses in our future? Recognizing that we routinely do this with major joints, and with for a full cyberpunk limb-improvement future.

Big brother etc

Machine learning facial recognition. Fawkes machine learning facial image “cloaking.” The possible value of poisoned data sets. Placing individual bricks in the wall that is our ability be private and protect our data. Google correlating diarrhea.


Finding a use for an old PlayStation Portable. RetroArch. The difficulty of old games and the power of limiting your options.

Our website

Our first outside code contribution! And just thanks to Elad Avron and Hugh Fisher 😄!


  • Fawkes Image 'Cloaking' for Personal Privacy:
  • Fawkes: Protecting Personal Privacy against Unauthorized Deep Learning Models (USENIX Security 2020): YouTube
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