Show Notes


Like all the things with Star Trek in them - feeling nostalgia for good Trek.

Prophecy/Not Prophecy

Conquering the Three Body Problem and moving on to the… eight body problem? Breaking your brain. Tidal forces and planetary ejection. Game theory: secret society, or open discussion?

Great filters

The great synthetic filter from beyond space and time.

If that’s the words, then that’s the words

Christopher Peterson

Synthetic life

Classifying the artificial intelligence of Trek’s synthetic life. Issues with anthropocentric terminology. Backing up synthetic “minds.” Finding out you’re a robot and also, somehow, simulation hypothesis.


“To die is to be human” and other stupid nonsense. YOLO. “I’m gonna live forever ha-haaa. Wasting deaths in Star Trek.


Small-scale good-guy Borg. Dunbar limits and smaller collectives.


  • artificial intelligence, 
  • borg, 
  • fermi paradox, 
  • great filter, 
  • mortality, 
  • nostalgia, 
  • picard, 
  • science, 
  • science fiction, 
  • simlulation hypothesis, 
  • star trek