Show Notes

Decipher SciFi hosts re-enacting minority report


Eliot shares how Kevin Kelly, Stuart Brand, et al advised the filmmakers on how the future ought to look. The movie’s prescience makes a lot more sense now.

Privacy Intrusion

Intrusion creep. Giving up your privacy knowingly. Testing users.

Thought Crimes

Is it a thought crime? Or just determinism?

Big Data/Precogs

Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. Policing, advertising. Oakland and other cities.


The rather rosy picture painted by Minority Report and its realism. How it seems more reasonable now than it may have at the time.

Gestural Interface

Feedback cycle between our fiction and real life.

Dismantling The System

Could such a system be dismantled! It’s hard to just part with a murder rate of zero. Eliminating murder vs civil liberties.


  • science fiction, 
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  • social justice, 
  • artificial intelligence, 
  • police state, 
  • dystopia, 
  • utopia, 
  • surveillance, 
  • philip k dick, 
  • futurism