Show Notes

Hiding islands

Perpetual storms. Jupiter’s storm and other non-Kongish Jupiter appreciation.

Spy Satellites

Early spy satellites. Stability-spins and film-return techniques.

Geological Imaging

“Seismic charges” i.e. bombs to irritate aggressive megafauna. Earthquakes, real or otherwise, and using them to understand the inside of the earth. The “hollow earth theory” is dumb garbage.


King Kong size inconsistencies over time and even within films. Godzilla comparisons.

Combat-ready herbivores

Gorillas! When herbivores have sharp fangs. The economics of displays of aggression instead of fighting.

Giant Creatures Evolution

Pygmification of island species irl. Limitations on resources. Keystone species in ecosystems.

The dangers of the tropics

Venomous creatures and their prevalence in warmer climes. Why Do Venomous Animals Live In Warm Climates?

Medieval weaponry…

And how this relates to King Kong..? Was the flail a ‘real’ weapon?


  • Kong Skull Island: iTunes | Amazon
  • Why Do Venomous Animals Live In Warm Climates? by Veritasium: YouTube
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