Show Notes


Standing desks are great and all, but the real flexibility innovation is not sitting in a car for hours every day. Inventing the “standing car.” Hip adductors like steel bands.


Just Dance.Video game bodily control abstractions. DDR. GTA V. Video game scale and budget madness. GTA 2 demo nostalgia with co-bff Joe.

John Carmack

Polymath went from game engines to cars to actual rockets to VR to AGI, and we wish him great luck on that last one. Doom nostalgia.

Dragon mission

Yay! Space! Dramatically lowering the cost of space travel. Fancy new flight suits. Are touch screens a good idea? Space travel automation expectations.

Language and POV

Enjoying the early fight and chase scenes in Extraction. The use of language and subtitles for storytelling. Video.


  • fitness, 
  • nostaglia, 
  • programming, 
  • science, 
  • science fiction, 
  • space, 
  • video games