Show Notes

Decipher SciFi co-hosts creepily being either turned into Marlon Brando or an animal-person


Definitions. Victorian science and protest movements. John Hunter and the John Byrne Irish Giant. Behaviourist views of animal feelings.

Humans as an animal

Coming to terms with our place in nature in Wells’ time. Natural selection vs selection by Moreau.

Individual plasticity and heredity

More vivisection. Human body modification and evolution.

Religious analogy

The “father” and the “laws.”

Should we do x?

Chris plays the amoral scientist monster every time we ask this question.

Carnivore vs herbivore

Moral of the story: Moreau really should have bred a race of herbivores. Would have side-stepped a lot of issues.


Strategies in evolving humanity and combining with our replacement life form.


  • The Island of Dr. Moreau: iTunes | Amazon
  • Frankenstein: science fiction horror, reanimation, and victorian context w/ Joe Ruppel: Decipher SciFi
  • The Limits of Individual Plasticity by H.G. Wells: Google Books
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