Show Notes

Robbie the Robot

Prop design. AI language understanding. Super strength and a matter replicator. Bad reactions to conflicting orders. Like a mechanical calculator dividing by zero!


He’s totally Zod! Philology. Engineering. Dangerous tech designs.

Gender Stuff

Cutting edge sexiness in the 50s. Innocent virgins. Blaming the victim. To the captain go the spoils. The deleted scenes that explain the animal behaviour:

Decoding the Krell

Best attempts at judging Krell biology from their technology and architecture. Their “plastic educator.” Deciphering their language. Using alien Wikipedia on microfilm. Vannevar Bush’s Memex. The alien arithmetic problem.

Jef Raskin's Alien Arithmetic Problem
Jef Raskin's Alien Arithmetic Problem Jef Raskin

Self Destruct

A comparison of scuttling procedures in Alien and Forbidden Planet. Speculation about Krell hearing and sight frequencies.


  • science fiction, 
  • science, 
  • language, 
  • linguistics, 
  • deep space exploration, 
  • design, 
  • user interfaces, 
  • space ship, 
  • star trek, 
  • artificial intelligence