Show Notes


Wishing there were more of this in popular media.

Invisible cities

A review of invisibility technology: spatial, temporal, and spectral light cloaking. Vibranium to the rescue.


Space impactors. Resource


Body armor, stationary armor. Avoiding concussive force. Reactive armor in tanks: shaped explosives that explode at the other thing that’s gonna explode! Molecular springs of carbon for storage of mechanical energy from kinetic. How not to turn into Black Panther jelly when the suit releases its energy (be superhuman).

Absolute monarchies

Bas Rutten for king. Right hoooook.

Scars and sweat

Killmonger’s scarification and scar damage to the dermis. Sweat patterns around scars.


Remote vehicle control. Light-speed communications delays. AI-assisted remote human driving.

War Rhinos

Domestication vs trainability. Extinct war elephants and why we can’t have war rhinos. Dürer’s rhinoceros, drawn from notes on the first rhino seen in Europe since Roman times.

Dürer's Rhinoceros
Dürer's Rhinoceros CC-0

Click language

Xhosa! Bantu languages. The possibility of a connection to the earliest human languages.


  • afrofuturism, 
  • armor, 
  • invisiblity, 
  • language, 
  • linguistics, 
  • monarchy, 
  • science, 
  • science fiction, 
  • self-driving vehicles, 
  • teleportation