Show Notes

Episode 1 - USS Callister

The one with the Star Trek. Protecting the new kinds of consciousnesses we will eventually create. Sleeping through the AI apocalypse. What our solo video game habits say about us. Posthumous digital simulations. Data sources for creating a digital simulacrum and how DNA is one of the least useful. Designing your brain-machine interface to not possibly ever lock someone in ever.

Episode 2 - Arkangel

The one with the helicopter parenting. Mundane parenting concerns writ large in tech. Becoming luddites and finding your breaking point. But then you die and it doesn’t matter. The danger of cloud services. Computer vision and visual input filtering.

Episode 3 - Crocodile

The one with the murders. Would you like a little more murder on your murder sandwich? The genius of the automatic, unmanned pizza truck. The pointlessness of human testimony. Crowdsourcing accurate memories. Memory obstruction strategies.


  • artificial intelligence, 
  • brain-machine interface, 
  • cloud, 
  • computer vision, 
  • dna, 
  • memory, 
  • parenting, 
  • science, 
  • science fiction, 
  • star trek, 
  • virtual reality