Show Notes

First contact

Aliens. Alien intelligence. Alien vessel shapes and what it says about the show you are about to watch. Moebius ships?


Crystalline FTL space antennae. The realities of lightspeed communication and why The SETI Institute doesn’t do “Communication with extraterrestrial intelligence.” Unexplained FTL comms.

Fumbling about space

When your crew is this good, you really should just send a ship without the humans on it instead. MapQuest in spaaaaaace being confounded by gravitational lensing. Dark matter… blocks your view sometimes? Rogue planets and how very very very dark it is in between star systems. Robinson Crusoe oxygen rocks (or crystals).


  • Another Life: Netflix
  • Battlestar Galactica: iTunes | Amazon
  • Battlestar Galactica: curse words linguistics, formal code verification, and robo Jesus: Decipher SciFi
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