A review of our 2017 Parsec Awards co-finalists

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As we mentioned, we’re very happy to be 2017 Parsec Awards finalists. We also mentioned how happy we were to be lumped in with the other really impressive shows in the category. So here is a conversion of my reviews of them from Twitter. Basically, you’re observing in real-time my realization of all our inadequacies in the face of their talents.

Meta Treks

Meta Treks by Zachary Fruhling and C. Michael Morrison is a great combo of scifi and philosophy! It makes our own philosophical scifi incompetence that much more glaring.

You can check it out at Trek.fm.

Talk Nerdy

Talk Nerdy is Cara Santa Maria’s science interview podcast. Great people on great topics and she is an excellent science communicator. I was already a fan of hers from The Skeptics Guide so it was easy to add this to my list.

You can check it out at here.

Guide to Space by universe today

Fans of the show will no doubt already be familiar with Fraser Cain, Decipher SciFi guest-cohost and all-around prolific space person. He’s a role-model for how to be awesome in media on the internet and I hope to be half as good one day.

You can check out Guide to Space in either audio or video form.

Planetary radio

This show from the Planetary Society has a great host in Mat Kaplan and great content and guests via its association with the Planetary Society. The planetary society, btw, is a really worthwhile organization  that you might consider also supporting.

You can check it out here.

So in the end I’m not even sure how we are in a category with shows of this calibre, but it’s an incredibly satisfying indication that what we’re doing works. Thanks so much!